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224 North Tejon Street · Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903 · hello@pikespeaklemonade.com · 719.418.6480

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Come Visit our Lemonade Tap Room

in downtown Colorado Springs

224 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado  80903

we use real ingredients, always starting with organic lemon & organic cane sugar.

Our lemonade always starts with organic lemon and organic cane sugar. From there we add organic lavender, fresh jalapeño, culinary rose and all of the freshest ingredients to give you a delicious beverage with ingredients that we are proud of.

we save 65,000+ plastic cups a year by serving only in mason jars

We serve all of our beverages in reusable mason jars. You can bring your jar back for a discounted refill price with any of our beverages.

we don't use any plastic straws. just paper and metal!

We use only paper or metal straws all made in the USA.

we are the only lemonade tap room in the nation.

Our lemonade is served from a tap so it is bubbly and delicious!