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May 6, 2019

Hello! There's a lot of info in this one!


Profit Sharing

We finished April at 53% over last Aprils sales! 


Last May we did $17,250. We will need to average $640/day to be 15% over that for this year!



We just passed 3000 followers on Instagram. Our Instagram brings in a lot of customers and it is a fun way to interact with our customers as well.


Our goal is 3500 by the end of July. This is really easy to bring up but just telling people they can get a free refill for each photo of theirs that we repost. (They can DM us pictures if they don't want to post them all to their feed)


Metal Straws

This month I would like to focus on suggestive selling our metal straws/cleaners.


In April we sold 1,317 RTDs and sold 80 metal straws. That means that 6% of RTDs purchased a straw. 


Our goal for this month is to sell 200 metal straws. That is only about 15% of RTDs, very doable!



We are going to start sending emails again from Square. Be sure to be adding customers by their email, not just by their phone number after the transaction. We send out great coupons in our emails.

(They can always unsubscribe once they get an email and still stay in the Loyalty Program)


Jar Recycles

If a customer brings their extra jars back to us, we will give them 1 star per jar. That means 10 jars=1 free refill! They obviously will need to register for our loyalty program to take advantage of this.


If you have any extra jars or lids at home, please bring those back as well so we can reuse them! I know it's easy for them to build up quickly!


Employee Beverages
We allow for 2 free beverages on your work shift. Please just be sure to ring your drink out under "Employee Beverage". This just helps us keep track of all of our products!

You are also able to give away 1 free drink per shift. This can be for a fun customer, someone who just needs to be cheered up, or a friend. This is just to bless the people who come into our store. These should also be rung under "Employee Beverage"


We've had quite a few people come in lately asking to use our phone. It might be hard to say no, but we can't be letting people use our phone.




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